Do you or anyone you know, work with or belong to a club with travel to professional, trade, association, educational, religious or other regional and national conventions? Do you have a particular hobby, interest or extracurricular activity that takes you out of town to attend conferences? We need you to help bring these types of meetings HOME to Mobile. Our Visit Mobile convention sales team is on the road constantly generating leads and proposals to bring various types of conventions to Mobile, why not be a hometown hero and help us land one of your conventions?

Mobile welcomes 2.9 million visitors a year, out of those nearly 80,000 come because of convention or business trip. 

Over 15,000 people in  Mobile County are employed in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, attractions, airport and other travel services).

Visitors spend money on hotels, transportation, retail, entertainment and travel services, generating an estimated $49.7 million a year in taxes that directly benefit the city/county of Mobile.

If it weren’t for visitors/convention delegates, every Mobile household would have to pay more than $400 a year in additional taxes.

A recent convention of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority generated an estimated $2.8 million in direct economic spend. 

Mobile hosts an average of 90 conventions a year, with an estimated 60,000 hotel room nights and 76,000 attendees attributed to these events, with an overall estimated direct economic spend of $107 million.

Your referral can really make a difference!  If you attend or know of a national, regional convention with less than 5,000 attendees that meets on a regular basis, please fill out the form below:


Each valid referral will receive a $100 Downtown Mobile Alliance Gift Card as a way of saying ‘thanks’ for bringing that business home.

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